Friday, 20 February 2015

Boring Training? - 5 Simple ways to make it more interesting


I often hear people saying they don’t like gyms or exercise because they get bored and it hurts.

This may well be true but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are ways to make training more enjoyable.


1.      Exercise with someone you know…. A work colleague, your sister, a friend. That way it is a more enjoyable, social activity and less lonely. It also makes it harder to “take the night off”. With experience you and your “gym buddy” can begin to motivate and push each other on.


2.      Vary your workout – Have a couple of routines. Provided they are structured toward achieving the same goal. This keeps the exercise fresh and effects the body in different ways. I would even recommend including some different activities such as swimming and outdoor running / cycling. Join a rowing club or take up a martial art to supplement the gym work. Also don’t be afraid to change times of day and even the days of the week you train. Keep your body guessing? It like it!


3.      Rest days. A lot of people join a gym and they say “I’m going to come down five times per week”. Especially if you are new to exercise, set yourself a realistic target of 2-3 times per week where preferably you make it three. If you don’t on a certain day no worries. You should also have 1 to 2 rest days in between work out for your muscles to recover. Then if you have been regularly attending for 6-8 weeks think about adding a 4th day in.


4.      Set yourself goals. This will keep you motivated and on track. The worst thing is to be wondering around in the gym not knowing what to do or why you are doing what you are. Have a 3 month goal. E.g. loose a stone. Also have monthly, weekly and even daily targets all designed to aid achieving the longer term goal.  They have to be challenging but realistic. There is no point in setting yourself an unattainable goal as this just demotivates.


5.      Have fun and challenge yourself. Providing its safe, supervised and there is a genuine purpose to it don’t be scared to step outside the regular conventions of exercises. Have a giggle, test your balance and coordination, laugh, smile, and make jokes. I am always trying new adaptations to fairly standard exercises but introducing new pieces of equipment and apparatus. (if unsure seek a member of staff to ensure what you are doing is appropriate) Otherwise, go out to the woods and incorporate nature into your training.


At my gym I always vary and challenge my clients. They have more fun and because of the constant variances in activities their bodies adapt very successfully.